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Šumadija dynamics SUM1

Šumadija dynamics SUM1- the world’s first universal and automated magazine loader for pistol and rifle cartridges.

The commercial user can fill the machine with the 30 most common calibers. Šumadija dynamics SUM1 is capable of loading over 200 of the world’s most popular pistol and rifle magazine models with the appropriate cartridges. This high flexibility offers commercial customers a possibility to tailor the offer with a wide range of services for the shooters. The commercial user has the possibility to fill the machine flexibly and simultaneously with eight different calibers with a maximum of 1800 rounds of pistol and rifle cartridges. With the help of Šumadija dynamics SUM1, two pistol and two rifle magazines, the shooter can load simultaneously and use 1800 cartridges in three-quarters of an hour. High loading capacities allow the shooters to load 30 cartridges in 7 to 8 seconds.

Šumadija dynamics CRM and Event Software are available for the commercial operation of the machine.

Šumadija dynamics SUM1 modular design allows a commercial user to:

  • configure the machine exactly according to the wishes of his customers,
  • sell more ammunition and weapons
  • compensate peaks when renting the machine.

Event Software allows commercial users to reach and acquire new customers. Due to the modularity of the machine, production and maintenance of SUM1 can proceed quickly, while the high quality of the material promises the long service life of the machine.

Šumadija dynamics SUM1 is always connected to the main CRM system via WLAN or GSM 4G and allows us a live evaluation of the machine and its users.

It has a total of 16 different sensors to guarantee a smooth and safe operation.

The most important sensors are thermometer,  barometer, air pressure gauge and microphone. These sensors enable us to scan and define the machine’s environment in order to detect and counteract imminent dangers at an early stage. With SUM1, the ammunition is safely stored and protected from burglars and unwanted persons. If the machine is moved unintentionally, the commercial user receives a message with the option to make an emergency call. In case of theft, the commercial user has the option to track the SUM1 to determine its geo position.