Dragan Kinkela, CEO

Šumadija Dynamics is
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We aim to develop business solutions tailored to your business needs, using our highest technological competence, in order to truly inspire your customers.
Our technology is used to develop economically successful products, services and business models of the industry 4.0 all the way, from the idea and realization, up to the operation.


Hardware solutions

World's first universal and automated magazine loader for pistol and rifle cartridges.

Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Data Analytics

We have teams of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing and data processing for research and development of intelligent systems.

Software solutions

The increasing demands of business networking, and the need for a seamless implementation of industry 4.0 standards force our business partners to harmonize business and data channels and continuously innovate their existing systems.

Kinkela Tactilas & Sons

About us

Kinkela Tacticals & Sons has a rich history in sport shooting all over the world. There is a famous military officer tradition which reaches back to 1804 and has been proudly carried on by all members of the family. Our strong standpoint is to treat guns as sports equipment in peaceful times, and to use them in full potential in threatening and unsafe environment, when our family, habitat and surroundings need protection. That is how we reached the point of completely understanding the need to have our weapons kept safe but near at all times, mobile as we are and a part of our everyday life, instead of being hidden and out of our reach. We made it fit perfectly into our progressive, modern and luxury lifestyle.


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