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AI Development

Artificial Intelligence - Machine & Deep Learning - Data Analytics

We have a team of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing and data processing for research and development of intelligent systems. Sumdynamics is actually a center, designed for business and industrially motivated development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and Data Processing. That is how we cover all phases of the business innovation process and deliver products and applications - from the idea to implementation and finally, operation.

Our philosophy

We live in the age when Artificial intelligence is present everywhere. However, artificial intelligence is not a panacea, it is to be used sensibly, but give your business a decisive boost.

Our mission

Our mission is the development and promotion of human-centered artificial intelligence in all scouting of daily life.

Our vision

Šumadija Dynamics is to simplify the work of partners and customers through better artificial intelligence & software solutions. We tend to accompany partners and customers in the realization of their vision, from the first idea to breakthrough to customer and, market success.

What can Machine Learning do?

Machine Learning can do what a person cannot do

Processing large amounts of data in just a few minutes. Modern neural networks far exceed people's ability to recognize objects in images.

Machine Learning can process certain types of information much faster

Machines have better options for storing large amounts of data and being able to access it immediately if required. Based on Deep Learning, computers can learn faster than people.

Unlike humans, machines can't get tired

You can tirelessly calculate, analyze and execute tasks, around the clock.


Consistent competitiveness for our customers and partners

We support you in your consistent efforts to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in a meaningful way, in order to increase the competitiveness of your organization or company and, at the same time, simplify the everyday life of your customers and employees. We work together with your domain and business experts.

We do not let ourselves be misled by unfounded hypes. We strive for consistent added value for your business by demonstrating the feasibility of your project of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions with the help of prototypes. Only when the feasibility has been proven, we convert these prototypes into operative solutions whose benefits can be quantitatively measured.

The cooperation and the resulting AI/ML solutions help our partners and customers make better business decisions and optimize processes. From this, further on, they develop new data-based products, services, hardware or business models and generate new revenues.