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Šumadija Dynamics SUM MIL

Šumadija Dynamics SUM MIL has many same characteristics as SUM1 but, with more options in the systematization of their training and an RFID system for the bookkeeping of the ammunition in the units. With the RFID system, every soldier or police officer can be registered, so their superiors can assign the ammunition to every person as needed.

With the assignment of ammunition to the users, superiors have the control of:

-how many bullets were used in training,

-how many were lost

-how many duds happened.

After the training, the users go back to the machine to log out of their training, and the superior is provided with statistical notification on their controlling device. If there is the possibility to check the visuals of the shooting, our system can give a comment on the efficiency of the training.

Šumadija Dynamics SUM1MIL is faster than the civil version and it has the possibility to load 30 rifle cartridges in 3 seconds.

If the Šumadija Dynamics SUM5.MIL is used in its full range of possibilities, the system can make statistics about:

  • The used amount of ammunition
  • The efficiency of the training
  • How many duds happened
  • How many bullets disappeared

For more efficient usage, the machine can be customized to the branch of troops. In a branch where, for example, shorter barreled and SMG are used, the machine can be given three supply mechanisms for handgun calibers and one for rifle calibers. In branches where rifle-calibers are more used than the ones for handguns, the machine can be customized for their efficient usage and supply. The customization of the Šumadija Dynamics SUM1MIL can also influence the capacity: where it is used to have high capacity machines, the capacity of the internal storage system can be increased.